Reports from Domino: Property Management Solution uses DominoPDF

Forrest Waggoner writes about his experience of using DominoPDF for creating PDF reports from Deep Forest’s Property Management software.

Deep Forest Systems, Inc. provides state-of-the-art web-based Property Management and Facility Management Software for Corporate and Commercial Real Estate. In business since 1994, they have earned the loyalty of their customers.

Deep Forest’s OnCite™ Property Management System is a comprehensive corporate property management application. It is a web-based solution with powerful reporting tools to address the needs of Corporate Real Estate Executives whilst Building Engineers, Property Managers, Financial Managers, Project Managers and others critical to the Real Estate management process utilize OnCite™ to perform their daily work.

The OnCite™ system delivers over 140 different standard reports in several different formats (including HTML). However, the PDF format was (previous to DominoPDF) not available, yet many clients have requested delivery of their reports in PDF format.

The advantages of PDF files are readily apparent, and since DominoPDF takes HTML output and converts this to PDF, it is the perfect “bolt-on” solution, requiring very little reprogramming of the system in order to implement.

DominoPDF will enhance the OnCite™ system to deliver the requested functionality for existing clients, as well as become an additional marketing point in the sales process.

For Deep Forest’s clients, PDF reports will be available dynamically upon web-user selection as an additional option for report generation format. Also, the OnCite™ system allows a user to schedule reports to be delivered automatically via email. In these cases, DominoPDF will be used by the scheduled agent to create the PDF attachment of the delivered report.

About the Author

Forrest Waggoner is the founder & CTO of Deep Forest Systems, Inc. He has over 14 years of experience working with Notes/Domino as both a developer and an administrator.

Designing & managing system coding effectively & economically is a large part of what he does now, which is why he selected DominoPDF for implementation.

Deep Forest creates and markets systems exclusively in the Domino environment, and hosts many of the implementations for their clients.

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