Proxima Net, Italy implements DominoPDF for Leasint

Proxima Net Srl implemented a Lotus Domino based system for an international leasing society based in northern Italy.

Marco Dal Degan
Chief Technical Officer
Proxima Net SRL, Italy

Proxima Net Srl implemented a Lotus Domino based system for Leasint, an international leasing society based in northern Italy.

The following write-up discusses a brief about the project and implementation of DominoPDF for electronic document delivery from Domino.

Leasint is a leasing company 100% owned by Gruppo IMI – San Paolo, the second largest Bank in Italy. Their main business is in leasing of real estate, equipments, vehicles, ships, aircrafts etc.

Proxima Net Srl has been working with Leasint for automating their Real Estate Leasing operation, that in Italy covers some 40% of the total leasing market.

Leasint buys more than 1000 properties every year in Italy and leases them out. Before the purchase decision of a property, an external technical expert completes a detailed survey of the property, in order to verify the compliance to any regulation and to precisely evaluate the investment, and submits its findings to Leasint.

This report contains detailed description, availability of facilities such as heating, conditioning, lifts, and compliance to building standards etc. Other than these transactions during purchase, there are a lot of documents passed to the customer who may lease the property.

Proxima Net has developed a Lotus Domino based web application, which automates most of these processes and workflows. The new system gives much better control for Leasint and provides a faster response to customers and a better visibility across the board.

There are more than 20,000 documents which are passed back and forth in a year between Leasint and the various parties involved. These documents were posted or faxed and couldn’t be searched or quickly recovered. As some of these documents later become an important part of the leasing contract, it’s vital to store them in a controlled way, and to be able to distribute them to all parties of the leasing in a secure and reliable way.

Proxima Net used DominoPDF for electronic document creation.

Following are the benefits for the customer using the new system;

– Cost savings by using PDF instead of post/fax

– Cost savings as the documents are created automatically without much manual intervention

– Traceability of documents and easy compliance to regulations

– Secure distribution and handling of documents

– Faster turn around and response to customers

Technical Tips for Developers

Proxima Net has analysed various technologies for creation of PDF from a Domino Server. We found DominoPDF to be easy to use and quick to integrate.

We used a sample database and all the code, which was required for our application, was available there.

About the Author

Marco Dal Degan is a Mechanical Engineer with a passion for Lotus Domino and 15 years of programming and project management experience in Domino.

He is the Chief Technical Officer of Proxima Net.

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