PDF from Domino – Automatic Invoicing using DominoPDF

Lourens Nieland writes about his experiences in building the automated backend operations for his company Proferta.

Proferta was founded in 2004 and offers a market place for people looking to do any kind of skilled resource, for example, a building work or a garden work. Various service providers subscribe to Proferta and the person who is looking for a service gets up to 3 proposals and responses in a 24 hour period thereby making his search easier.

In two years, Proferta has grown with hundreds of customers providing services and thousands of satisfied end customers. However, one of the difficulties we faced was to automate the invoicing and provide invoices in a an electronic fomat.

Our website and all the processes are implemented in IBM’s Lotus Domino. We were looking for ways to create professional looking invoices and automate that process for easy management. We chose DominoPDF for the task.

DominoPDF offers us a great deal of possibilities and opportunities in our Domino environment. New features in our business process can be implemented on quickly and easily.

We are happy to recommend DominoPDF for other developers who come across a need for creating PDF from Domino owing to its simplicity and robustness.

About the Author

Lourens Nieland is the founder of Proferta in the Netherlands. He has more then 20 years of experience in developing business tools and worked with CICS/Cobol, Parts/Smalltalk, Lotus Domino and Websphere. He can be contacted at info(at)

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