A PDF from DominoPDF is different from a PDF printed from the client

DominoPDF operates differently from a UI view of the Notes content (Document etc.) and converts it as though it were viewed in a browser.

As this is the case the document is not actually being printed; it's being displayed as though it were viewed in a browser. For this reason Hide-When conditions such as "When Printed" do not apply.

Calling DominoPDF COM in LotusScript

By default DominoPDF is called via DominoPDF.DLL (32-Bit) or DominoPDF64.DLL (64-Bit).

In some circumstances in 64-Bit environments the DominoPDF64.DLL cannot be loaded successfully or some method strings get truncated.

To resolve this issue the DominoPDF COM object can be called directly from LotusScript as follows.

Dim v as Variant

Set v = CreateObject("DominoPDFCOM.DominoPDFCOM")

If Not v Is Nothing then

Call v.DoPDF(szInput, szOutput, szSettings)

End If

All DominoPDF methods can be called in a similar manner. For example;

Call v.DomPDFMerge(szInput, szOutput)

Call v.DomPDFAddImage(szPDF, szImage, "1", 10, 10, 200, 400, 0)

Can DominoPDF disable the save button in Acrobat?

There's no way to disable the Save button on the Adobe Reader "toolbar" - not from DominoPDF or from any other product.

You can just stop someone from re-assembling the PDF contents.

The Save A Copy action in the reader is just like copying the PDF file at the system level with a new name - so there's no definite way to prevent it from happening.

The encryption options you can enable with DominoPDF will stop someone from distilling the PDF to a new copy, printing it, copying text/images etc. but they will typically always have access to the file itself.

Can DominoPDF run on Linux?

DominoPDF is a windows 32-bit DLL and is therefore based on that platform.

Operation from an alternative OS can be met by installing DominoPDF software on a windows machine with Domino installed and connecting to the windows machine via HTTP URLs to run an agent that generates a PDF.

As DominoPDF processes HTTP URLs it can reference URL resources on another OS as long as the connection is valid, HTML is served etc.

For example; Linux --> Win2K --> DominoPDF [requests URL from Linux and creates PDF]

Can DominoPDF support different character sets?

DominoPDF can convert different character sets, such as Simplified Chinese or Arabic, however there are some requirements as follows.

- DominoPDF will determine the character set from the CodePage specified in the HTML attribute. For example;

Simplified Chinese = <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=gb2312">

Arabic = <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1256">

- DominoPDF requires a multi-byte font to be installed on the same machine as the DominoPDF software. We recommend the Bitsream Cyberbit font which is available for free download.

- DominoPDF (may) require an instruction to use the multi-byte font. For example;

Call DoPDF(sURL, sPDF, "OverrideFont=Bitstream Cyberbit")

Can I control Headers and Footers with DominoPDF?

DominoPDF gives you full control over headers and footers. You can have text content, graphic content, HTML formatted content etc. in headers and footers, different first page headers and footers etc.

Do I Have To Install The Whole Of OpenOffice For Attachment Conversion?

At a minimum you must install the OpenOffice COM interface as this is used by DominoPDF.

Otherwise, you can select which OpenOffice components to install based on your attachment file types.

For example, if you only want to convert MS Word documents install OpenOfficeWriter. If you only want to convert MS Excel files install OpenOfficeCalc etc.

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