DominoPDF Release Notes

19 November 2020

- Adjusted priority of relative URL loading.

13 December 2019

- Support for both OpenSSL 1.0.2 and 1.1.0 versions, with the DLLs digitally signed and checked during loading.

- Support for OpenSSL 1.1.1 with TLSv1.3, new cryptographic algorithms and ciphers. OpenSSL 1.1.1 is the latest long term support version and adds support for TLSv1.3 RFC8446 and various new cryptographic private key and hash digest types.

- Exposed simplified client SSL/TLS security and protocol settings. Added new setting SSLSecurity which if set to other than Ignore sets the protocols, security and ciphers to standardised settings. SSL settings: SSLSecurity=[value], SSLSecurityLevel=[value], SSLCertMode=[value], SSLRevokeCheck=True/False and SSLAcceptableHosts=[value].

- Only follow relocation for 3xx response codes, not 201 Created, but keep Location property for 201 which is often response to a POST and may be needed.

- Fixed SSL certificate ValidateCertChain to check certificate start and expiry dates in UTC time instead of local time. Previously certificates issued in North America with UTC/GMT time stamps may have been seen as not yet valid.

- Refresh of the three SSL/TLS trusted root certificate bundles included with DominoPDF, to add new roots from Amazon and others, and remove untrusted certificates.

- Improved HTTP client and server NTLM authentication by adding Single Sign On with NTLM Session on Windows Domain to get credentials without needing them specified in code.

2 December 2019

- Fixed bug in WaitUntilReady that meant some sync methods with multiple commands randomly terminated prematurely allowing further commands to be sent usually resulting in not ready errors.

- Fixed problem where winsock may continue to post notification messages after closesocket() has been called.

- Fixed missing port number on relocation in both Host header and property Location.

- Fixed a bug in GetCookies() when path was empty.

- Fixed issue where HMAC_MD5() did not handle key sizes > 64 bytes correctly.

- Added NTLMv2 session security and exposed new setting NTLMCompatLevel=0 where accepted values are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 (see below).

LAN Manager authentication level ( by Microsoft, Server 2008 R2 )

This security setting determines which challenge/response authentication protocol is used for network logons. This choice affects the level of authentication protocol used by clients, the level of session security negotiated, and the level of authentication accepted by servers as follows:

Level 0

Send LM & NTLM responses: Clients use LM and NTLM authentication and never use NTLMv2 session security; domain controllers accept LM, NTLM, and NTLMv2 authentication.

Level 1

Send LM & NTLM

- use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated: Clients use LM and NTLM authentication and use NTLMv2 session security if the server supports it; domain controllers accept LM, NTLM, and NTLMv2 authentication.

Level 2

Send NTLM response only: Clients use NTLM authentication only and use NTLMv2 session security if the server supports it; domain controllers accept LM, NTLM, and NTLMv2 authentication.

Level 3

Send NTLMv2 response only: Clients use NTLMv2 authentication only and use NTLMv2 session security if the server supports it; domain controllers accept LM, NTLM, and NTLMv2 authentication.

Level 4

Send NTLMv2 response only\refuse LM: Clients use NTLMv2 authentication only and use NTLMv2 session security if the server supports it; domain controllers refuse LM (accept only NTLM and NTLMv2 authentication).

Level 5

Send NTLMv2 response only\refuse LM & NTLM: Clients use NTLMv2 authentication only and use NTLMv2 session security if the server supports it; domain controllers refuse LM and NTLM (accept only NTLMv2 authentication).

- Fixed a bug in chunked decoding.

- Changed NTLM authentication to work with OEM strings.

- Make sure receipt of a SSL shutdown notification closes the connection if no bidirectional SSL shutdown is wanted. There are servers in the wild expecting a SSL shutdown confirmation before they close the connection.

- Fixed HTTPS-POST bug with proxy basic authentication that added two Content-Length header lines.

- Added support for style Position:Absolute for floating objects.

- Added Position:fixed for Blocks and Images.

- Added support for !important.

- Fixed nested lists bottom margins not collapsed. Collapse nested blocks top margins as well.

- Fixed table or frame problem p- respects 'inherit' now.

- Fixed text-decoration not handled correctly with multiple properties.

- Fixed GIF transparency inverted + memory leak.

- Fixed problem with style inside blockquote. Now allowing style almost everywhere.

- Fixed CSS open parenthesis may swallow entire HTML document.

- Fixed loading img hspace vspace.

- Fixed cell borders in tables / last row wrong: ignore explicitly given cell-spacing, if border-collapse is collapse.

- Fixed Height parameter not honoured.

- Fixed Paragraph alignment regression.

- Fixed Table borders.

- Fixed ICO and CUR transparency without GDIPlus.

- Fixed Floating blocks and images.

- Fixed Left and right aligned images both inside tables and outside tables are positioned correctly at last.

- Fixed Horizontal position of HR.

- Fixed Horizontal position of floating images in floating blocks.

- Do not remove empty paragraphs as they do not collapse margins, if they have padding or border.

- Fixed clear floating at line breaks according to attribute or property.

- Fixed div fixed height not working.

- Fixed non-CSS-standard color:none not treated as transparent.

- Fixed incorrectly defined HTML entities missing semicolon.

- Fixed missing borders on empty table cells.

- Fixed lists bottom margins not collapsed.

- Fixed border of hr always visible.

- Fixed List item indention comes from wrong style attribute.

- Fixed Right alignment does always work properly.

- Fixed Table width calculation bug where MinWidths become larger than MaxWidths.

- Fixed div with negative margins in a td is clipped.

- Fixed problems with superscript/subscript in tables.

- Fixed Table cell cut off if cell and table widths are overdetermined.

- Fixed Table too wide, if sum of given cell widths exceeds given table width.

- Fixed error underlined text.

13 November 2017

- Added stream clearing for HTTP Error 500 where Domino server returned response

- Modified client-side API to handle CompoundTextAddRenderedNote exceptions

13 January 2017

- Fixed inline image display issue

- Improved table background rendering

- Adjusted user agent handling for Domino server response

- Fixed issue with inline style in blockquote tag

- Improved handling for radio buttons (float alignment)

1 December 2016

- Evaluate style property Background enhancement

30 September 2016

- Fixed table or frame display issue

- Fixed error mapping table

- Fixed issue displaying controls

- Draw images if at least 1px wide

- handle transparent animated GIFs

4 September 2016

- Improved table border rendering

12 June 2016

- Fixed paragraph alignment regression

- Fixed cell borders in tables incorrect on last row

28 February 2016

- Added support for !important CSS

- Improved horizontal position of HR tags

- Fixed issue with nested list bottom margins not collapsed

DominoPDF (8 August 2013)

8 August 2013

- Fixed issue where multiple embedded files were duplicates of first embedded file.

21 June 2013

- Fixed issue with embedding files in PDF documents.

- Added exception handling for DomPDFAddXXX methods.

10 June 2013

- Added full support for PDF/A-1b with PDFACompatible=True setting.

- Fixed limit where number of map areas was limited to 1000.

- Fixed reading any valid or invalid UTF-8 multi byte sequence.

- Fixed column widths not automatically adjusted when using COLSPAN.

- Fixed table column widths not handled appropriately.

- Fixed error style in "underlined text".

- Fixed issue where border vanishes after horizontal scaling to zero.

- Fixed issue where vertical lines displayed as horizontal lines. Tags must
accept attributes with colons like "x:str", "x:num", etc.

- Fixed issue where border not correctly themed.

- Fixed problem with the "lang" attribute in links. Parser erroneously skipped entities like '&lang' without trailing semicolon.

- Fixed issue increasing the size of indentation.

- Changed so roman list style types of ordered lists now distinguish 26 numbers like
alpha types.

- Updated so '!important' parsed, but currently still ignored.

- Fixed issue with CSS definition ignored for h1, h2, h3, etc. headings.

- Fixed issue with content truncation when using PDFResolution.

- Fixed issue stamping text to non-DominoPDF created PDF file.

7 March 2013

- Added new method DomPDFDecrypt() for decrypting an encrypted PDF file.

Declare Function DomPDFDecrypt Lib "DOMINOPDF.DLL" (Byval szInput As String, Byval szOutput As String, Byval szPassword As String) As Long

szInput - The file name and path of the encrypted PDF file.

szInput - The file name and path of the PDF file to be decrypted.

szPassword - User or Owner password for the encrypted PDF file.

6 March 2013

- Improved memory handling when logging enabled.

- Removed processing for PDF information if none are specificed. 

28 February 2013 

- Modified COM to trap EOLESysError on Initialize event.

- Fixed memory leak in documents with large tables and lots of spans.

15 February 2013

- Fixed issue with color conversion.

- Fixed regression where CSS font-family with quotes did not work.

- Added table attributes frame and rules.

- Fixed precedence of table attributes and style properties.

- Updated so html not body is CSS root element.

- Fixed issue where Float: Left floats up as well as left.

- Fixed: extra chars at the end of ISO-2022 conversions, if they end with a state

- Fixed charset for most code page infos that had UNKNOWN_CHARSET.

- Added conversion table for code page 29001.

- Added ins and del tags for marking up document modifications. ins is for inserted text. del is for deleted text.

- Added HTML5 tag <time> for encoding date and time in a machine readable format.

- Fixed issue where table borders were not displaying.

- Fixed issue with wrong font-size calculations.

- Fixed include so working correctly. Allow no space between 'include' identifier and tag end '-->' although '-' is an allowed character in identifiers.

8 February 2013

- Customer focused change for DomPDFAddTextW().

4 February 2013

- Another fix for  issue in 64-Bit DLL where properties for DomPDFAddText(), DomPDFAddTextW() and DomPDFAddImage() were not being passed.

29 January 2013

- Fixed issue in 64-Bit DLL where properties for DomPDFAddText(), DomPDFAddTextW() and DomPDFAddImage() were not being passed.

- Updated LogFail=True to return correct error message on attachment / TIFF conversion.

- Added support for Notes 8.5.x client-side conversion options;


Turn off the special characters and tags that delimit passthru HTML in various situations.

0 (default) - all passthru recognized
1 - don't recognize bracketed delimited passthru
2 - don't recognize CD record delimited
4 - don't recognize special style HTML


Add LABEL tags around choices of a field. This is needed because the choices are not "accessible" otherwise.

0 - do not generate label
1 (default) - generate label


Alternate HTML for sections that incorporates all of the static section information but is not dynamic by default. HTML is always generated for all of the section, ignoring the "collapse" status. Thus using this option means that ForceSectionExpand is ignored.

0 (default)

1 - alternate representation for sections


For "accessibility". Generates caption tags.

0 (default)

1 - Generates a caption tag for a table using the title CD attribute.


Emit HTML to honor the exact spacing (amout of white space) in notes rich text. Normally a browser can collapse white space as needed. The notes editor does not collapse white space.

0 (default)

1 - Add NBSP to multiple runs of space character.

Generate HTML in such a way that it is parsable by an XML parser.

0 (default) - legacy html generation.
1 - Add closing tags.


Rich text items displayed on the web are sometimes preceded by extra blank lines, particularly apparent when the item is inside a table. The problem is only manifest when the item itself contains HTML.

1 (default) - enabling the frame and continuing the existing behavior (to preserve compatibility where needed).
0 - remove the extra break and paragraph controls and preserve the item spacing closer to what is seen with notes rich text items and in the notes client.

9 January 2013

- Fixed issue with display of inline list items

27 November 2012

- Fixed issue with relative URL's dropping host.

- Fixed issue with CSS font-family in quotes.

23 November 2012

- Fixed issue where CodePages 936 (Simplified Chinese GBK) and 949 (Korean Hangeul) were not displayed correctly.

- Added handling of meta without http-equiv="Content-Type" <meta charset="utf-8"> from HTML5.

- Fixed loading PNG files no longer produces temporary files.

- Fixed issue with Umlaut characters in path names.

- Fixed a bug where background images might not load if a path name contains spaces.

- Added some support for CSS3 colors RGBA (Red, Green, Blue, Alpha), HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness), and HSLA (Hue, Saturation, Lightness, Alpha).

- Added support for HTML5 sectioning elements: HEADER, SECTION, NAV, ARTICLE, ASIDE, FOOTER, HGROUP.

- Added HTML5 element: MARK.

- Added CSS properties in standards (non quirks) mode: CSS3 box-sizing, CSS2 max-height, CSS2 min-height, CSS2 max-width, CSS2 min-width.

- Fixed table column sizing where default width value of '*' is '1*' and implemented non-HTML feature: td width attribute accepts relative width like '[n]*'.

- Fixed issue with table column height; Do not vertically align smaller images in section lines, if there are no characters. Then minimum line height equals image height.

- Fixed image size exception due to uncomputed 'auto' value of left and right body margin. Now 'auto' is computed to 0.

- Fixed issue where cannot create image of width or height = 0.

- Fixed issue to adjust unequally specified column numbers.

- Fixed column width calculation of spanned columns.

- Fixed issue where table borders not rendered correctly.

- Fixed issue where CSS font-family with quotes did not work.

- Fixed issue where missing /pre hangs processing of the HTML body.

- Added non standard 'none' for attribute 'border'.

- Added converter for code pages GB18030 and UTF-7.

- Fixed CSS Table Width Overrides vs IE, FF.

- Fixed maximum column width calculation did not consider the given absolute width.

- Added buffer handling for KOI-8R.

- Fixed issue where table text did not scale in printed headers and footers.

- Added partial support for CSS property 'white-space'.

29 October 2012

- Added native multi-page TIFF conversion support.

10 October 2012

- Fixed issue where local resources not loaded first-time (404) from client-side conversion.

- Extended error handling for HTTP 404 and 500 error codes when LogFail=True.

14 September 2012

- Fixed issue in COM object where DomPDFPages() and DomPDFGetInformation() did not return correct values. 

3 September 2012

- Enhanced setting to allow specifying styles to be added to the head section of client-side conversion output.

The syntax of the setting is CleanStyles=|<styles>|

Note the pipe character (|) which delimits the value and as DominoPDF parses semi-colons (;) for settings you can replace this character with an asterisk (*) and DominoPDF will adjust accordingly.

An example is therefore;

CleanStyles=|<style>.borders td {border:solid 1px*}</style>| 

13 August 2012 

- Updated HTTP implementation for non-blocking timeout support.

- Updated IE HTTP implementation for non-blocking timeout support.

- Added new setting TryAgain=<value> where value is integer (default 15) where DominoPDF would retry loading an HTTP URL.

- Fixed issue with relative URLs in resource and image loading to reduce retry attempts.

- Fixed issue in COM object where repeated object registration would raise an error if already installed.

- Updated IE HTTP implementation to handle following issues / errors:

183: cannot create a file when that file already exists (W98)

122: the data area passed to a system call is too small

126: IE8/Vista Unknown WinInet error #126

127: IE9/7 Unknown WinInet error #127

- Added strict IE HTTP and HTTP timeout support for thread abort.

- Improved logging for low-level HTTP transaction logging.

- Improved asynchronous HTTPS / SSL operations.

8 May 2012

- Added check for empty HTML stream to main TryAgain loop.

17 April 2012

- Fixed issue with Notes API related crash in selection formula conversion.

- Add new setting PDFResolution=<value> where <value> is an integer value, for example 96 or 100. By default DominoPDF will use the screen resolution Pixels Per Inch (PPI) which is typically 96, however the later versions of Adobe Reader use a resolution of 110 and can cause "bluriness".

21 March 2012

- Fixed issue with inter character spacing on Arial font output.

19 March 2012

- Added support for opacity / transparency in DomPDFAddText() using transparency=<value> setting where <value> is a number between 0 and 100 to denote the % opacity.

For example; Call DomPDFAddText(sInput, |<font size="32pt" transparency="50" color="#3A498C"><b>Confidential</b></font>|, "1", 100, 50, 215, 0, 40)

- Fixed issue where default printer was required to generate PDF output.

- Added new setting ConvertHTML=<value> where <value> is a directory path location to save source HTML (and images if client-side) returned from Notes / Domino.

For example; Call DoPDF(sInput, "c:\\test.html", "ConvertHTML=c:\\") will save sInput as an html file instead of PDF. Custom request in relation to archiving and SharePoint conversion.

- Added support for 932 (shift-jis) and 950 (big5) code pages.

- Fixed issue with table formatting so columns smaller are not shrunk less than its required minimum width.

- Fixed issue with table cell background rendering.

- Fixed issue where mime-encoded content was not picked up in certain circumstances.

29 February 2012

- Added setting to control method used for merging in main DoPDF() routine for circumstances where default merging may be slowe.

MergeMethod=<method> where <method> = 1, 2 or 3.

If <method> = 1 then equivalent of DomPDFMerge() is used. If <method> = 2 then equivalent of DomPDFMergeFiles() is used. If <method> = 3 then equivalent of DomPDFMergeFilesFast() is used.

Default method used (as always and if not specified) is 2 - DomPDFMergeFiles().

- Added handling for non-blocking DominoPDF HTTP stack to avoid timeout and hanging in certain circumstances.

- Added setting HTTPTimeout which allows control for internal DominoPDF HTTP stack non-blocking timeout. Value is in seconds and default is 60.

- Added additional handling to mime-encoded content process for failed conversions so that content is loaded from iframe.

- Fixed table column width calculation. Used alternate math to calculate final table width as it was being rounded up and might of widened tables beyond their specified widths.

- Fixed issue with width of spanned table cell being too small.

- Fixed issue with background color separating spanned table cell.

- Fixed issue with table cell width resulting in incorrect offset (width percentage specified for a column while table width is not specified).

- Fixed issue if no border in TD tag has a style attribute. Now uses table border settings, if no border properties in the style.

- Fixed issue for table width calculation if spanned cell and spanned columns have percentage widths.

- Fixed issue for table cells that get thick default borders only, if tables border is not specified by attribute.

- Fixed issue where empty CSS rules break the following rule.

- Added property parsing error recovery as described by W3C for CSS 2.1.

- Fixed issue where CSS line-height: xx% cannot be less than 100% and removed rendering line height less than 100%.

- Added relative width specification of tags <col> and <colgroup>.

- Fixed CSS line-height issue where LineHeight was processed only if vertical alignment was set.

- Fixed too much space between lines.

- Fixed issue where parser did not detect table sections (tfoot, tbody) after cells without end tag.

2 February 2012

- Extended Mime check for localised string (Zusätzliche HTML angehängt)

- Added setting Mime=True/False to override above check and force mime iframe processing.

10 January 2012

- Added setting Log404=True/False. Default is True and emulates historic processing of 404 errors for images and resources. Setting to False will stop extra attempts at loading URL following a 404 Not Found error.

9 January 2012

- Modified image and resource loading to avoid 404 for external URL

- Fixed issue in OpenOffice 3.x attachment conversion

14 December 2011

- Fixed issue where CSS Print Media was not processed

2 December 2011

- Extended exception handling for main conversion process

- Fixed issue setting PDF version for multiple input sources

1 December 2011

- Extended logging to show setting PDF Version

- Exception handling for IE HTTP Timeout setting

- Finalise section for last system message

30 November 2011

- Modified so default PDF Version is 1.6

14 October 2011

- Modified client-side API form-override to process form handle.

- Added support to load szOptions from NOTES.INI. Syntax in NOTES.INI file is DOMPDFOptions=

- Added support to load LogFile from NOTES.INI. Syntax in NOTES.INI file is DOMPDFLog=

29 September 2011

- Added property IEHTTPTimeout=<value> to control IE HTTP interface timeout (action timeout not overall timeout). Only applied if UseIEHTTP=True. <value> is in seconds and default is 60.

20 September 2011

- Added support for Form Override to client-side API options (not HTTP). FormOverride=<form>. For example, Call DoPDF(sInput, sOutput, "Database=names.nsf;FormOverride=Person")

16 September 2011

- check current directory for /icons/ if not found as part of Lotus install.

14 September 2011

- More fixes for loading /icons/ from local directory, using Notes API for locating directory.

8 September 2011

- Extended images loading /icons/ check to read data directory from notes.ini.

7 September 2011

- Extended image loading to check for Notes /icon/ resource. Assumes DominoPDF is in Notes software directory and \\data is below.

19 August 2011

- Extended logging for OpenOffice integration to highlight DLL file location.

15 August 2011

- support loading options from file on disk (1 option per line). Specify fully qualified file location in szOptions argument.

31 July 2011

- Fixed issue where fatal crash occurred on client-side image conversion

18 July 2011

- fixed issue where client-side API did not write log file if database connection failed

- added LogAlert=<true/false> setting to display log entries in messagebox

- added BaseHRef= setting to allow Base HRef to be specified when loading local resource, referencing relative links, etc.

- improved authentication and proxy authentication logging

30 June 2011

- fixed issue where client-side API did not convert embedded image from composite render

1 June 2011

- added options to control client-side LMBCS translation. Pass an option string of OSTranslate= and a value of 1, 11 or 22 as follows;


The default value is 22 (OS_TRANSLATE_LMBCS_TO_UTF8)

- added handler for mime-encoded content where Domino embeds an iframe for decoded content

17 May 2011

- modified default value of MaxHPages to be 1 (instead of 2) to mirror earlier versions

- modified client-side API conversion to handle 0 length document conversion and use CompoundTextAddRenderedNote item conversion

6 April 2011

- fixed issue where local images not loaded from source file

29 March 2011

- fixed issue where some blocks styled to float right didn't move with their centered containing blocks

- fixed issue where floating images in text sections did not take into account the area already occupied by text starting at the same Y position

- fixed issue displaying blockquote tags

- fixed incorrect table rendering in certain source

- added windows HalfTone blending for improved image downscaling

- fixed issue where floating images in table cells created uneccessary white space

- fixed position of floating panel

- skip surrounding space in parentheses and quote url ends at second quote

- fixed issue where background image not parsed correctly if brackets found in file name

10 February 2011

- added option to control maximum number of rendered horizontal pages for wide content, etc. By default DominoPDF sets a maximum of 2 pages wide, but allowing control can crop to a single page or allow more where overflow or hidden content is specified. MaxHPages=<value>

- fixed issue where some images might not be displayed on repeated page rendering

- fixed issue with indenting floating blocks and text around floating images

26 January 2011

- Released 64-Bit platform support (DominoPDF64.DLL)

25 January 2011

- added option to disable drawing a focus rectangle around form controls

- fixed table cell border style and collapsed border issues

- added support for dd and dt tags

- added support for fieldset and legend tags

- fixed issue so table cell gets default border if cell has no style and table has a border

- fixed memory leak in HTMLBuffer handling

- fixed memory leak when loading document from stream

- added option PrintBackground=true/false to control whether page background is output (default is false)

19 January 2011


11 January 2011

- Added ability for EmbedFiles= setting to reference an external file containing a list of files to embed. File extension must be *.domp and each file to embed must be listed on a new line.

- Added EmbedFilesLast=True setting for processing embedded files after a PDF has been created. Uses the DomPDFEmbedFile function.

- Updated DomPDFEmbedFile function to support an external file containing a list of files to embed. File extension must be *.domp and each file to embed must be listed on a new line.

6 January 2011

- Fix for OverrideFont setting.

4 January 2011

- Fixed issue when loading images over SSL

- Added UseFX=True functionality for custom document rendering (No HTTP or client-side Notes API needed). Follows selection formula syntax used by client-side API (Database=XXX).

Supported settings for UseFX;

FXCompressImageToFitSize=True/False : Compress images to fit control size

FXHideTableIfEmpty=True/False : Hide Table(s) if the table is empty

FXHideTableRowIfEmpty=True/False : Hide Table(s) if the rows are empty / hide table row(s) if empty

FXShowOnlyImages=True/False : Show images only and fit to control size

FXIgnoreSpaceBeforeTable=True/False : Ignore white space before table(s)

11 November 2010

- Added new function; DomPDFEmbedFile

Declare Function DomPDFEmbedFile Lib "DOMINOPDF.DLL" (ByVal szPDF As String, ByVal szFile As String, ByVal szOutput As String, ByVal iDelete As Long) As Long

- Fixed client-side API issue with images resources and URL encoded characters in title

12 October 2010

- Updated sample database to include all tutorials

1 October 2010

- Full version update as watermark appearing on output

14 September 2010

- Fixed issue with client-side API and OS translate for accented characters

20 August 2010

- Fixed issue with client-side API and embedded images in SubForms

- Fixed issue where SSL handler not enabled for images

10 August 2010

- Added ability to specify UserAgent in settings

- Added ability to specify Custom Information (document fields)

- Added new function DomPDFGetInformation() to retrieve metadata fields

21 May 2010

- Fixed issue where embedded images were not converted via client-side API

18 May 2010

- Modified EmbedFiles to not duplicate when external *.domp file is referenced

16 February 2010

- Modified logging for UseIEHTTP support.

18 January 2010

- Fixed issue with client-side handling of multiple $ImageData CD records.

13 January 2010

- Added UseIEHTTP setting for alternate HTTP stack.

- Modified client-side DLL to avoid fatal crash in certain environments

18 December 2009

- Fixed log issue reporting non-existent failure when *.domp file used.

10 December 2009

- Fixed bug with image import and rendering.

23 November 2009

- Improved client-side logging to support LogLive setting.

12 November 2009

- Added logging at client-side and open office level.

9 September 2009

- Fixed bug with HTMLHeaderLast and HTMLFooterLast not calculating.

27 August 2009

- Added support for selection formulas, allowing non-HTTP task conversion (client-side).

15 July 2009

- Added direct support for GIF, JPG, BMP and PNG graphic formats.

- Updated OpenOffice attachment conversion to supress warning messages.

7 July 2009

- Added support for OpenOffice attachment conversion.

- Added UseCache option for local caching of images and resources.

- Added support for XMP MetaData.

12 February 2009

- Updated installer for license, title and vista support.

3 February 2009

- Added gdiplus.dll into installer for systems where it is not present.

2 January 2009

- Added method to supress repeated attempts for a non-existent resource.

15 December 2008

- Added NOTES.INI option to force UTF-8 encoding. DomPDFUTF8=1

- Added support for full cookie handling in HTTP requests.

10 October 2008

- Modified HTTP Authorization Retries to fix NTLM issue.

30 September 2008

- Modified PDF printing to support external PDF provided by customer.

17 September 2008

- Enhanced Multi-Thread Handling.

- Implemented improved memory manager.

21 August 2008

- Added support for adding JavaScript to PDF files; DomPDFAddJavaScript.

- Trap PDF file input for attachment conversion.

- Yield to operating system during HTTP connection processing.

10 May 2008

- Added support for embedded files.

- Added DomPDFPrint method for printing PDF files without 3rd party software.

30 November 2007

- Fix for landscape (re-upload).

9 November 2007

- Fix for landscape orientation in multiple pages.

10 October 2007

- Added properties for PageHeight and PageWidth allowing for custom paper sizes.

- Added MaxImageWidth property to allow images to fit to page.

- Added more word converter variations.

16 September 2007

- Modified MS Office converter to support MSWord8 filter and check for different Word97 variations.

- Added extra error handling to DominoPDFIE.dll.

22 August 2007

- Added method DomPDFAddTextW() for stamping PDF documents with Unicode text.

20 August 2007

- Added support for unicode characters in HTML edit / input fields.

- Fixed compression, ImagesAsJPEG and JPEG Quality.

30 July 2007

- Added ability to specify ALL in NoEmbedFonts for no font embedding.

- Added DomPDFMergeFilesFast() method.

- Modified compression to achieve better results.

23 July 2007

- Fixed issue with Adobe Reader displaying "unexpected operator found in display list." error.

- Fixed issue with clipping in certain HTML rendering.

- Added ImagesAsJPEG and JPEGQuality settings.

- Added ability to specify * in NoEmbedFonts for no font embedding.

3 July 2007

- Fixed issue where a blank page appeared if rendering tables.

- Fixed problem with underlining some Chinese and Japanese characters for some fonts.

- Fixed problem with 3 or more nested ul tags in a table when the end tags were missing.

27 June 2007

- Fixed issue with DomPDFAddText() and DomPDFAddImage() stamping PDF files created with Crystal Reports.

14 May 2007

- Fixed issue where transparent images (GIF) were not rendered correctly in PDF output.

- Improved Unicode font handling and font glyph subsetting / embedding.

- Fixed issue with LineCap operators in PDF renderer.

- Fixed issue with TrueType font embedding.

18 April 2007

- Fixed issue where GDI+ usage would "hang" DominoPDF on some platforms.

26 March 2007

- Extended logging to track PDF settings and merging.

9 March 2007

- Modified so Emulate Standard Fonts is True by default.

7 March 2007

- Added extra support for relative (../) style url's.

27 February 2007

- Fix clip region error when printing with high dpi resolution.

- Fix problem stretching small (like 1 pixel) png images.

- Add support for parent child operator (>) in contextual selectors.

- Remove restriction of 2000 on pre text length. Use MaxHScroll (normally set to 6000).

- Fix table headers and footers.

- Fix problem with tiling GDI+ png images in table backgrounds.

- Fix problem where border defined with percent width would become smaller than its enclosed object.

- Limit extremely large font size entries.

- Allow some null characters in document without aborting. Substitute "?" for some control characters.

- The Title attribute can now also be used for the whole table cell.

- Added Thai language support.

- Fix center which didn't work if the block had a restricted width set.

- Fixes for Absolute and Relative blocks.

- Add support for alpha transparency in PNG images.

- Permit Page-Break properties in br tag.

- Modify Word-wrap: break-word; so that it works like in IExplorer.

- Add char entity, "&apos" as #8217.

- Fix clipping problem in pre text which showed up for wide left margins.

- Fix some table colspan problems when rowspan is used.

- Fix problem where Floating blocks were not correct when text-align is center or right.

- Permit Floating objects when positioning is Relative.

- Add background color CSS support for form controls.

- A li without text following will now show the bullet.

- Fix several gif and animated gif problems.

- Add printing support for thead, tbody, and tfoot.

- Add support for using multiple CSS classes as in class="class1 class2".

- Fix page tag problem with horizontal scrollbar.

- Fix width=100% on images so the width includes the border.

- Add support for &shy; the soft hyphen.

- Change the action of wbr so that it can be used anywhere, not just within a nobr section. It no longer forces the addition of a space character.

-Support for overflow: hidden; CSS property.

- Add Border attribute to img tag to adjust border size.

- Form control borders now space vertically properly.

- Large blocks of Alt= text in img tags now can be made to wrap in the space alloted for display.

- %....% now regarded as comment.

- Fix Inline borders which did not scroll horizontally.

- Detect GIF images by content rather than .GIF file externsion.

- Add Word-Wrap: break-word; property.

- Ignore ?xml ..... clauses.

- Fix problem where text was being clipped in form controls when printed.

- Parse the "@ media screen..." items for stylesheets. Other media options are ignored.

- 3D borders now removed from input, textarea, and select form controls when a CSS border is defined.

- Fix line-height so it accepts 'normal' properly.

8 February 2007

- Added NoStretch property for document to image conversion.

29 January 2007

- Extended logging to incude date and time for each entry.

- Modified PDF as Image rendering to not check for image stretching.

6 December 2006

- Changed license file to reference server and not site.

8 November 2006

- Added code to support German directories in Excel conversion.

- Added support for LogMF option to save Metafiles for HTML conversion.

2 November 2006

- Fixed issue with MS Word one large table cell content not printing on multiple pages.

- Fixed issue with MS Word import margins not being read.

- Added more verbose logging for TIFF conversion.

20 October 2006

- Modified DomPDFAddText() and DomPDFAddImage() methods to reset PDF origin after failed load.

17 October 2006

- Added support for multipage TIFF files and various TIFF encodings (Braun).

- Handled issue with unicode font rendering in MS Word conversion (Starke).

- Modified DomPDFAddText() to handle non-DominoPDF PDF inputs (Boeing).

5 October 2006

- Exception handling aroung HTTP calls and more verbose logging.

- No TryAgain on Close Gracefully.

- Exception handling for DomPDFAddText() and DomPDFAddImage().

29 September 2006

- Modified handler for 10061 Socket Error (Connection Refused) and system yields.

28 September 2006

- Added liteDominoPDF.dll which is a cut down version without attachment, different file type support etc.

26 September 2006

- Modified mutex handling for timeout, added live logging, removed elf.

25 September 2006

- Fixed issue in DomPDFAddImage where fonts caused crash.

- Modified mutex handlng to remove Assert() and check for Invalid handle and Wait conflict.

20 September 2006

- Fixed issue in DomPDFAddText where fonts caused crash.

13 September 2006

- Fixed issue with margins being too small.

1 August 2006

- Fixed background images in Body and Tables not rendering.

1 June 2006

- Fixed GIF/GFX in DomPDFAddImage

- Support for Worksheet password in XLS OLE

21 March 2006

- Code for XLS OLE support.

- Code for specific TIFF conversion.

21 December 2005

- Code for relative image URLS and base URL reference

13 December 2005

- HTML default changed to Times New Roman.

1 December 2005

- Added logging to DomPDFMerge methods.

25 November 2005

- Fix DOC headers not appearing on subsequent pages.

22 November 2005

- Double-byte character support with OverrideFont setting.

8 November 2005

- Fix for margins when DOC converted.

25 October 2005

- Fix for basic authentication.

5 September 2005

- Fixed XLS conversion issue when duplicate named areas encountered.

- Added property for HTTP Request Accept-Language and if not specified use system locale.

24 August 2005

- Fixed XLS conversion issue when picture encountered.

15 August 2005

- Fixed glyph clipping in fonts.

- Modified Unicode character handling.

- Modified True-Type font embedding.

- Added support for Alpha-Blending.

- Fixed issue with Vietnamese character set.

29 July 2005

- Added LogHTML setting to add HTML source to logfile.

- Added ShortDateFormat to control short date output.

26 July 2005

- Another fix for -1 error return for HTTP load.

25 July 2005

- Added support for NTLM authentication.

- Added exception handling for word conversion.

- Added fix for infinite HTTP retry.

- Added -1 error return for HTTP load.

13 July 2005

- Added support for Spanish(?) powerpoint slides.

- Fix for <img> tags in HTML Headers and Footers.

6 June 2005

- Removed client side from samples db.

26 May 2005

- Added HTMLHeaderFirst/Last and HTMLFooterFirst/Last.

18 May 2005

- Fixed '' float conversion.

- Fixed null pointer in freeing QPF object.

- Update Elog system to 4.6.6

3 May 2005

- Modified handling for HTTP/Local file reference.

20 April 2005

- Fix for cleaning up PPT files and directory.

19 April 2005

- Fix for Folie named PPT conversion.

18 April 2005

- Added logging to PPT conversion.

- Added NoEmbedFonts setting.

- Fixed return values for @DBDriver.

5 April 2005

- Added DomPDFAddImage

29 March 2005

- Added DomPDFAddOutline and DomPDFAddOutlineFromFile

- Fixed issue with barcode font rendering.

24 March 2005

- Backwards compatibility for margins and relative http references.

23 March 2005

- Check for MS Word and then Office filters.

- Fixed margins not showing for local HTML.

21 March 2005

- Support css in html header and footer.

- Added new setting UseInches to allow inches in HTML conversion for margins.

- Fixed SSL method to 2.3

- Added support for MS Word OLE conversion of DOC files.

16 March 2005

- Modified help file as declaration for DoPDF was missing ByVal statement.

11 March 2005

- Fixed issue with localhost authentication.

- Modified reserved keyword support in HTMLHeader and HTMLFooter

7 March 2005

- Windows NT incompatibility.

2 March 2005

- Added support for *.domp file to process multiple input values.

31 January 2005

- v2 release.

15 November 2004

- Modified URL links to resolve relative external resource.

10 November 2004

- Added change to address COMCTL32.DLL issue with flat scrollbar.

21 September 2004

- Fixed issue where DomPDFAddText did not stamp GhostScript converted PDF files.

16 September 2004

- Modified mutex logging.

14 September 2004

- Modified unicode character handling.

9 September 2004

- Modified core to account for ELF reported exceptions.

- Exposed DomPDFGetQueue function to allow control of mutex queue from LotusScript.

27 August 2004

- Added new mutex / timeout schema for concurrent agent usage.

26 August 2004

- Fixed error in DomPDFMerge occuring if files did not exist.

11 August 2004

- Modified DomPDFPre-processor handling to recognise inline CSS generated from IE.