Lotus Notes Attachments To PDF

IBM Notes / Domino is an ideal platform for managing and storing a wide range of rich content, files, objects and attachments.

When this content needs to be archived or backed up it is important that the content is exported in a manner which retains the original formatting and presentation.

A traceable archival system will also typically need all documents, objects and file attachments.

DominoPDF simplifies these archive requirements by providing an easily accessable and searchable set of PDF documents containing all Notes content, that anyone can access without special software, or special training.

In addition to content conversion, DominoPDF also supports embedding Notes attachments in the PDF.

An often overlooked feature of PDF files is their ability to act as a container for other files. One example of where this could be useful would be attaching the original Word, Excel or other source files to the final PDF document.

Since it is possible to attach literally any type of file, the PDF can also act as a secure delivery mechanism for sensitive or commercial content.

DominoPDF supports full PDF file embedding, together with PDF encryption, security and password protection.