Calling DominoPDF COM in LotusScript

By default DominoPDF is called via DominoPDF.DLL (32-Bit) or DominoPDF64.DLL (64-Bit).

In some circumstances in 64-Bit environments the DominoPDF64.DLL cannot be loaded successfully or some method strings get truncated.

To resolve this issue the DominoPDF COM object can be called directly from LotusScript as follows.

Dim v as Variant

Set v = CreateObject("DominoPDFCOM.DominoPDFCOM")

If Not v Is Nothing then

Call v.DoPDF(szInput, szOutput, szSettings)

End If

All DominoPDF methods can be called in a similar manner. For example;

Call v.DomPDFMerge(szInput, szOutput)

Call v.DomPDFAddImage(szPDF, szImage, "1", 10, 10, 200, 400, 0)