Loading HTML from a Notes URL with LotusScript and Java

Sometimes it's needed to connect to a Notes URL and download the HTML to disk so DominoPDF can process it locally, manipulate the code, etc.

LotusScript has the web retriever method but it doesn't provide all the necessary support for connectivity, authentication, etc.

The following code shows a method of calling a Java class from LotusScript to open a URL and retrieve the HTML.

Lotus Notes Attachments To PDF

IBM Notes / Domino is an ideal platform for managing and storing a wide range of rich content, files, objects and attachments.

PDF from Lotus Notes Client: On-Demand DominoPDF Installation

If you're using DominoPDF in a client-side approach it may not always be possible to install the DominoPDF DLL's on each machine.

To resolve this we can attach the DominoPDF DLL's into the appropriate Notes Database / Replica and use LotusScript to 1) check if the DominoPDF DLL's exist and 2) detach the DLL's from the database if they're not found.

XPages to PDF

XPages is rapidly gaining popularity as a rapid web and mobile application development platform. Developers often come across the need to create PDF from XPages. For certain non-business applications where the performance or the stability is not critical, developers can use open source technologies like iText or a variety of print drivers. At DominoPDF, we've received a growing number of support requests to understand the usage of DominoPDF for XPages to PDF conversion.

This article explains how XPages to PDF conversion can be achieved with DominoPDF, either using URL's or Notes Selection Formulas, and important considerations when converting XPages content.

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