Invoices from Domino: DominoPDF supports CSS formats

Phil Hulme, Managing Director of PHd Interactive, a low cost web marketing company for SMEs, talks about his use of DominoPDF to automate the business.

PHd Interactive is a pioneer in low cost websites for the small business sector.

In order to support a major project to shift all customer support to a web based platform, the one gap in the Domino based architecture was paper/PDF.

DominoPDF solved this problem very elegantly, enabling a highly efficient workflow that saves a lot of time on customer support.

PDF is used for contractual documents for new and upgrading customers. Client based print-to-PDF tools were used as a stop gap, but were far more prone to error and highly dependent on desktop configuration.

All users run a web based customer support interface. DominoPDF runs on a Windows server. Support staff can send PDFs using web based agents which generate the contracts and automatically attach them to emails. DominoPDFs comprehensive support for CSS allowed fine tuning of the layout to achieve a close match to the client generated forms.

About Phil Hulme

Phil Hulme is a Member of the Institute of Direct Marketing with over ten years experience as a business and marketing consultant to blue chip clients. He has been quoted in The Economist and The Financial Times, as well as specialist publications such as Precision Marketing, and has spoken at numerous conferences about marketing and the internet. In 2002 he launched PHD Interactive Ltd, a provider of low cost web marketing solutions for small businesses.