Contract Management Automation - Using Domino and DominoPDF

Walter Zucchelli of Zel Srl writes about his company's experience in implementing contract management solutions using Domino for BIT Systems (ICT company of Milan Stock Exchange) and RINA (Italian Shipping Certifier).

Zel has been an IBM/Lotus Business partner since 1989. Zel specializes in Domino consulting, storage management, collaboration systems etc. Zel also has a specialized product on ISO 9000 QM. Zel is a partner in Italy.

Zel was recently involved in three projects which required the creation of PDF from Domino data. One of the projects was for BIT System (ICT company of Milan Stock Exchange) and two projects for RINA (Italian Shipping Certification Authority).

For most companies, contract management is an important activity to get the best out of their suppliers. One of the common issues in contract management is the automation of service delivery management. Service delivery management ensures that the service is delivered as agreed by suppliers.

BIT systems needed a system which can be easily integrated with their Livelink workflow engine. The main challenge of the project was that the users directly email suppliers when there is a request for service and there is no direct way to integrate that activity with traceable contractual data. Zel implemented a system which did not interrupt the current user activity. Emails to the suppliers were converted to PDF automatically and then stamped with contractual parameters and saved in a directory for direct usage by Livelink. DominoPDF was used for the automatic creation of PDF and stamping with the right parameters.

RINA also had a similar situation, with the only difference being they have a specific domino based application which is used to create these outbound requests merged with contractual parameters to manage service delivery. These documents are either faxed or emailed to the outside parties.

Zel again used DominoPDF for the automatic creation of PDF from these domino databases. RINA uses DominoPDF for issuing their Shipping Certificates giving a stable electronic output of their main business document.

Zel is extremely impressed with DominoPDF and happy to recommend it as a very user friendly and robust solution.

About the Author

Walter Zucchelli co-founded Zel Srl in 1986. Walter was in the technology sector for many years. Currently he handles marketing for Zel Srl.